When To Make Your Production Company Take the Lead


You have this great idea for a production. You bring it to your boss, they like it. You chart the project plan, got a budget, contacted some production companies and you are ready to begin.

You start the process and you start to have conflicts. The way the process is going is not how you envisioned it. Things are much different. You are not the head honcho at the meetings and quite frankly you limited knowledge or marketing, graphics, photographs, etc. makes the talk around you seem like gibberish. You feel swamped by the jargons and what is happening.

Don’t worry about it. Take a step back if needed. It is possible to own your project without knowing the difference between a pixel and a dot. The strength of the lens doesn’t have to be your issue. In fact, neither does the software used for the final production.

The most important part of your job should have already been done. You should have chosen a production team in which you feel confident. So breathe a little and let go a little. Ensure the scope and purpose of the project is well defined and documented. Ensure you offer prompt feedback. Check up at intervals without hovering: let the professionals do their jobs.

It may seem like a difficult task, but it really should be simple. If you have confidence in your production team, then, why are you questioning the technical details such as the lens they are using the shoot the scene? Instead ensure that a quality standard is properly defined so that you can ensure that the final product matches this. This is more important.

If you set a criteria for the results to be viewable on a 40 inch widescreen television without compromising the quality of the image then that is what should be delivered. There is really no need to triple check with a professional company on a defined deliverable.

Step back a little and you will notice the difference. You will be able to breathe a little bit easier and focus on post production tasks like distribution and advertisement. Sometimes, however difficult it seems, you have to step back. Let your production company take the lead.


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