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Kicker’s Video Production Process

Video Production Process


This is the first part of our video production process. This is probably the key part of the process because it is here that we meet with the client, and get a feel of what they want done. We outline the target audience of the video, by asking the questions that need to be asked. Basically, get a feel for the business case the user is trying to resolve. We look at pricing. The client gets to see our previous work and get an idea if they want to go through the process with us.


The strategy to use in our production process to gain the desired results and to reach the target audience is dependent on what we know about the audience. Chances are that some research has already been done by the client on what the target market is like and the best ways to reach this demographic. Maybe here is where the real research begins. We will help to bring insight to the concept we are planning to deliver, including what we know on the market and the best approach to reaching the desired objective. This is full on strategy planning, including looking at the key performance indicators to get a better idea of the market.


This is where the big ideas come out. The plan it done down to the finest details and may include sketches, mock-ups, scripts etc. Our creative side comes out as we lead you through with our competent and experienced team as a guide. Final production of your video depends on this stage, as this is the template to be used for the production of your final video. You get to work with us and get a real feel for what the final product will be.


All the planning comes down to this point, the production stage. The video production artisans revel in this moment when they get to turn all that planning into a video that is ready to be distributed to its target audience. The final product design is verified as at this point on its ‘lights, camera, action’. The scenes are shot, the music is composed and the lines are voiced by the actors. After timely getting all the components together it is then time to edit. Our staff meticulously reviews the material and constructs a masterpiece video using only the best inputs. Voilà! A masterpiece of your own design to add to the Kicker online video page of fame.


Now that the video production stage is over and you are happy with the final product, we celebrate our successes together. We are happy with pulling off another successful round, you are happy you can move to the next stage of your plan, be that logistics, etc. All the best to you!
We look forward to you being one of our 93% repeat customers.


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