How to Tell Your Video Producer You Dislike Your Video


We are sure this will not at happen at Kicker due to our very detailed production process and our customer satisfaction guarantee. However, we are in this business to help and provide insight. As such we would like to help you in case you have used a producer or are using a producer now and are unhappy with the quality of their work. How do you go about critiquing their work, pointing out what you do not like without ruining the creative process? After all you do not want to train their creative genius but in the end you do want a product you are happy with.

Be Polite

Saying the artwork needs more direction is different from highlighting how ghastly it looks. I am sure the artist worked really hard to get the piece together for you; therefore it would help a lot that you took your time and provided your critique in a professional manner. Tell him simply, you would prefer another piece of artwork or provide some direction if there is something you would rather have. Ultimately you have a vision too, so to ensure they are in line, make your voice heard when needed.

Be Proactive

You will not ‘hate’ a video production you were a part of creating in the first place, therefore be a hands on client. As you go along the creative process with your video producers, make suggestions. Tweak the product to your favor by adding your inputs as you go along. If you are actively engaged in the process there will be less chance the end product will not conform. But if at any minute you see that is does not fit in with what you want then let the producer know about it instantly.

Be Patient

You can affect the end video in many ways. One of the ways you can yield to substandard results is being impatient with the process. If you ask for a change to be made, follow the given schedule for it to be added. Ensure you are not just looking at the skeleton and comparing and critiquing that to what you expected. Give your company a little leeway and allow them the initial time budgeted to get the pieces of the task together. Don’t barge in unannounced asking for work in progress, view the samples the send you on the milestones previously agreed on and give an honest feedback on it.
If it still does not conform, call Kicker for your next project.


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