What If Kicker Used Google Glass for Video Production?

Jony Ive Redesigns the Google GlassMaybe by now you have heard about Google Glass, a super new piece of hardware designed by Google with which users can use to interact with their everyday life. They wear it like a normal eye glass and can use it to video, chat, send messages, and other interactions as you would a smart phone.

It would be cool if Kicker could integrate this into our client consultation process, we would have the client wear a Google Glass and video all the little bits of information on client interactions, layout of store, take pictures of products, do client reviews, with this one piece of equipment and then feed it to us at Kicker to help drive our design and creative processes.

This is so crazy it could definitely work.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to work, so with this new and innovative piece of technology, we and the client would always be in sync, the moment an idea or visual idea pops up the client they could send us a message, in video, no matter where they are.

As Kicker redefines and sets new standards for normal, and quality. We look at each new piece of innovation in video, digital media, audio, consumer electronics and such something to integrate into our culture. Who knows what tomorrow is for media? Maybe eventually all of us will don futuristic glasses through which all our interactions will be done.

We just cannot rule that out yet.

In the meantime, send us some of the great ways using the Google Glass would help to enhance your daily life. Tell us how that would benefit you as a client of Kicker Inc, as a business person, as a marketing exec, as a parent or even as a random person going around your everyday life.

We at Kicker would love to hear it.


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