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6 Reasons No One is Watching Your Videos

“No One Is Watching My Videos!!”

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You spent months working hard on a video and now nothing. You think, “no one is watching my videos!” This may be because you’re missing some crucial steps of your video production process. Here are some things that you may have missed.

Your Target Audience Is not Well Defined

If you do not know who your video is made for, how can you reach them? It is always important in the research stages, before video production begins, that you analyze your market and clearly define your target audience.

Your Content is Boring

Yes, we said it. No matter what you are advertising or promoting, your video can be done in a creative way so as to generate interest. If you need to use dancing dogs or babies, talking lizards or a popular actor, decide that from earlier on. Having defined your target audience, it should be much easier to know what excites them and incorporate this in your video.

The Video Has No Story Line

A well written script is important in any video production. Use humor, hooks, anecdotes, anything you can think of that will work to create a seamless flow from the beginning of the video to the end. Take care and ensure that the focus is still on the product and what it does.

The Video Is too Long

When I sit down to watch a movie I expect it to be a certain length. When I sit down to watch an ad, I really do not expect it to be more than three (3) minutes. So, if it starts to go beyond that length I may get distracted, because the time I allocated mentally to watch it has expired.

You Did Not Test the Video on Real People before Release

It is great to get your video finally done. However, you should always test your video on an objective sample of persons who will be able to give a you general non-technical criticism. In the real world people will not tell you what they think, they will just not watch your video. To reduce this problem, ensure you have an idea of what the general public will think before you release the video.

No One Has Seen Your Video Yet

This possibility could exist if your viewership has not passed one – which is basically the time you watched it – since you made the video available. This means that you did not use the proper techniques and channels to market your video on social media, or your marketing team is not doing its job.


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