How to Promote Your Video on Social Media

Promoting a Video
Kicker again did a great job and produced a world class video for you. You have sent it to the advertisement companies, your distributors, and your friends. Your marketers and lead managers have a copy. What next? With the growing trend for social media how can you leverage that and put your video in the hands of the people. How do you successfully promote your video on social media?

Get Likes on Facebook

Facebook is basically at the top of the social media chart now. To get your video viral on Facebook will mean that it will reach a large interconnected network of potential customers. Have persons liking your page and ultimately your video by running a Facebook add, or even simply promoting a contest. A growing trend is offering as gift card or other promotional item to a person who has shared your page the most. This is sure to get persons fired up at the prospect of winning and will potentially draw likes to your pages.

Tweet up a Storm on Twitter

If you have a Twitter handle share it. Share it on your Facebook page too. Even on Twitter you can start a contest for persons who bring in the most followers. A simple $5 gift card at a favorite store can do the trick. Post teasers and blurbs about your video, get your followers to tweet about it. Use your daily post management personnel to find a way to integrate mentions of it in your daily posts. Start posting pictures with teasers before the video is even released so as to spark interest in the video, them once it is released share, share, and share!

Blog It Tumblr

Post pictures and tons of it during production. Show how the process is going on. Get followers, follow persons. Get people interested in your products and services and what you do. Create a consistent and interesting blog and spice it up even more as it comes time to release your video.
These are just three of the many social media platforms that exist. There are many more that you could be a part of. You know your clients base and where they are most likely to be. So, make the decision on where your efforts should be concentrated and drive an informational campaign there. It is important to get the word out so that people will want to see the videos you create. In this Smartphone/tablet culture a lot of persons may not engage in traditional radio/television media. So you have to make an effort to reach them also.


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