4 Reasons Your Start-Up Needs a Video

You don’t need anything except the great idea clawing to get out of your brain that will change the world…right? Wrong. No matter how amazing your idea is, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t promote it. Every start-up needs a video to help their product, idea, or information spread like wildfire. Check out the four reasons video is essential for the success of your start-up.

It Shows Your Audience What You’re Promoting
Be it product, instruction, or a hilarious comedy routine, it helps if your audience can actually see what it is you want them to support. This is your chance to introduce people to the idea of your new product, Show them how it works, show them why it will make their life better, and make them ask themselves how they can live without whatever you’re promoting. Keep it short, simple, and have them coming back for more.

It Shows Audiences Who You Are
This is surprisingly almost as important as the message you’re trying to convey. If your audience likes you, they are more likely to continue watching your videos, reading your advice, or buying your products. If the environment, bullying, or some other platform is important to your message, show your audience that it’s important to you in your video. After watching you for just a couple of minutes, they should feel like they know you and your company’s culture. Whether or not they agree with it is highly dependent on the person and the message. You’re starting as a blank canvas, color that canvas for your audience.

It Gives Audiences Important Information
Videos are one of the easiest mediums to get your potential future customers, readers, followers, etc. the information they need. Tell them what your ultimate goal is and why your message should be important to them. Give them easy access to the information they need to help you succeed in whatever goal you’ve laid out. Lastly, tell them how they can find you and continue getting more information from you. Start-ups are a relationship, people feel invested when they get in on the ground floor of something.

It Helps Convert People to Your Cause
By taking the time to devote yourself to a personal and professional video, your audience will feel closer to you, to your message, and they will have a clear path to joining your customer base. Videos help convert people. Your audience is much more likely to convert to you if they have a clear understanding of what it is that you’re promoting and who you are. There’s just no better way to get this information to people than through video.
Start-ups are scary. You’re putting yourself out there and trying to launch a successful company, the first thing you should be worrying about after the actual creating of the company, is how you’re going to get the word out. Video is an incredible way to relate to customers, spread information, and create a platform with which to influence people.


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