If and When to Switch from Online to TV Advertising

Television advertisement is what most people think of when they think of successful marketing, so when should you make the switch from online advertisements to television? The answer is…maybe never. Take a look below at current advertising trends and why you may or may not want to move to television.

New Age Advertising

In an age where people are moving from traditional network and basic cable shows to streaming their favorite programs online, it’s no surprise that big companies are abandoning their TV presence to spend more money trying to engage the online audience instead. Big companies with seemingly bottomless pockets for marketing, such as Master Card, are moving more and more of their advertising funds from television to online platforms every year. Big ad-buying firms are moving millions from television with Starcom MediaVest moving $500 million, a quarter of which was moved to their online budget.

Companies are moving budgets to reflect where viewership is. 88 million people watched video content online daily in March of last year and the number is increasing with better content available and networks becoming more flexible and creative with their online video availability. While TV ad content still outweighs online ad content with 38.8% and 25% of total U.S. advertisement spending respectively, the gap is closing and online ad spending is expected to surpass that of TV ad spending as early as 2018.

When to Use TV Advertising

Now you may be asking yourself “Why would anyone want to spend ad dollars on TV after that information?” There is still an audience for TV, therefor there is still an audience for TV ads. Companies that tend to thrive with TV ads are local businesses that advertise on local and news channels, big companies for credit cards and other universal needs, and companies geared toward audiences made up primarily of those over the age of 65.
If you do intend to make the switch from online to TV advertisement, it is suggested that you wait until your videos have self-sustaining traffic and you no longer have to urge viewers to watch your videos by emailing everyone you know and posting to every website you can. Your viewership should be organic and self-reliant.

In a sense, it’s a great time to be creating advertising content. You have the whole world before you and you just need to create a professional, quality video to show them just why choosing your business is the right decision. Online content is typically much cheaper as well. Embrace change and you may have a thicker wallet to show for it.


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