5 Key Ways to Get Your Video Seen

You’ve done it! After what seems like hundreds of video shots, hours of script writing and brainstorming, and seemingly endless editing, your video is finally ready. Every person who sees it will feel just how much work went into providing the important message you’ve worked so hard to convey. Now all you need to do is get people to watch it.

It’s All in the Description
Many companies who already have a robust following don’t necessarily have to abide by this viewer generating rule, but you’re not them. The internet is a jungle with thousands of links, pictures, videos, and pop-ups begging for your viewers’ attention as soon as they log on, give yourself the best chance by giving your video an accurate description that tells the viewer just what they will get out of watching your video. “Top 10 Uses for Earl’s Magic Cleaning Solution” is better than “Cool stuff you can do with cleaning supplies.”

Work After Posting

Once you post video content online, you have to work to share your video to different blogs, social media sites, websites, email your friends, and post to any relevant place that may capture additional viewership. It’s important to take this step soon after posting your video as it will be more likely to generate traffic through other viewers’ shares and become self-sustaining without your constant help. If your video remains viewer-less, most will write it off even if your content is actually very good.

A Little Editing Goes a Long Way

If the first thing your video audience sees is five seconds of silence as you run from behind your camera to your post in front of it, you may as well stop there…because they will. No one wants to feel like they’re wasting their time when they watch your video—so don’t waste time! Edit out pauses and non-value-added moments so each second of your video is impactful, engaging, and watched. Then add in appropriate links and contact information to generate even more traffic for yourself.

Increase Your Organic Views

Most people find new information by typing phrases into a search engine and then following the top links down the rabbit whole of in-text links and information. When you get into the top links of the most popular search engines, you can generate endless traffic to your videos. Use annotations and ask for viewers to share your content to spread your message.

Buy Views…If You Have To

This section is very much of the spirit “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Other companies out there are buying false reviews, views, and customer accolades and they’re leaving you behind. In order to stay relevant in the online video world as you get yourself on your feet, it may be a good strategic plan to buy a few hundred views to ramp up your presence, but only if it is allowed by the video site you’re on.

However you choose to get people to watch your video, these five steps are sure to give you just the edge you need to start building a solid foundation for a lasting and successful presence.


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