Types of Video and Which is Best for Your Business

It would look a little bit silly if a prestigious law firm with a target audience of seniors over the age of 65 came out with a trendy vine video. Do you know what types of videos are out there and which would be the best for your company and target audience? If not, don’t fret, we’ll cover the main types of videos below and provide descriptions of the types of companies that should use them.

Product Videos

Product videos are simple productions that show the information and use of a specific product more thoroughly than a simple picture and specifications chart can. The necessary quality of these videos ranges from in-house video with cheap camera to full cast in a television studio depending on the product and scope of sales. The purpose of these videos is to secure a sale with someone who was interested enough in your product to press “play” on your video. Some companies that should use these videos include manufacturers of gadgets that show better in active demonstration.


Whether it’s “How to clear a paper jam” or “Troubleshooting tips for a broken garage door,” tutorials and how-to videos are informative and extremely useful for certain companies. These videos can be used to show how to fix a product that a company sells or repairs, or they can be used in a similar manner as the product video. Complex products are sometimes intimidating and customers need to see them in action before committing to a purchase. Companies that should use this type of video include simple repair service companies, complex gadget companies, and companies who want to offer customers a value-added troubleshooting experience.

Video News Release

If your company has something to announce and you want as many people to see it as possible, you’ll likely be writing a press release. Editors at papers and other news sources have a lot of press releases to sift through from companies, just like yours, who think that theirs is the most important message. To help your release get to the top of the editor’s pile, make a video news release. It’s an easy way to stand out from an otherwise tedious job. Any company with an important announcement should do this be it small local farmer who switched to environmentally friendly fertilizer to behemoth tech companies that want to alert customers about their latest product.


This broad category is one that everyone understands. To be successful people have to know about you and, except for word of mouth, the only way to do that is by advertising your company. Ads can be standard 30 second television ads for companies with a large budget and an audience that still relies on the television for entertainment. Otherwise, ads can be quick online videos that you place with your online content and content that your target audience will already be watching. All companies should be taking part in video advertisement of some sort, the type just depends on the target audience.


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