What Video Can Do for Your Corporate Environment

The days of seeing colorful memos posted on the bulletin board are phasing out quickly as companies line their hallways with televisions playing important company messages and information. The corporate environment is seeing all kinds of benefits by making professional videos for their internal and external communication.

Employee Recognition

Every company does it differently, but most have some sort of employee recognition program. Making a video of a person or group who has gone above and beyond to share with the rest of the company will not only give the honored employee(s) a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it will also give other employees something to strive for.

Company Metrics and Performance

No matter what industry you represent, your employees want to know how their company is performing. They want to know whether money is being lost or made, what locations or groups need to pick up their slack, and what the future looks like for their jobs. A video with relevant graphics is a great way to offer employees a professional message with all the relevant information they want.

Another great way to communicate performance is by producing a town hall. By providing video of this personal production employees will feel like management has taken time out of their day to talk to each and every one of them. This simple video can go a long way for employee morale and relations.


It’s hard to get the same information to every single employee no matter what the communication medium is. Emails get deleted before they’re ever read, posted memos get ignored or torn down, and in-person announcements can’t be given to every single person, so you have to rely on word of mouth to spread accurate information. Quick videos of important announcements that play on a loop ensure all employees are getting the same accurate information, they are more likely to see it than if it popped up as an unwelcome message in their inboxes, and the video will stay up for as long as you wish.

Project Presentations

No one likes to be the audience or presenter for a dry PowerPoint presentation. Time is wasted while technical difficulties are coordinated, nerves make the presenter hard to understand sometimes, and the information isn’t necessarily delivered in such a way as to keep the audience entertained, or at least paying attention…

Videos cut the nerves out of the way so you and your employees can create informative, well documented, and attention-grabbing pieces about their projects and accomplishments. These videos save time, maximize communication effectiveness, and can be reused for future information.

The world is changing and some corporations are struggling to keep up with it. Don’t get left behind with archaic bulletin board memos, dry erase board metrics, and PowerPoint presentations. Use video to create powerful communication and thank the best employees, show them how their hard work is paying off in their company, provide them with clear and easy to access information, and give them a way to show you their projects without the worry of nerves.


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