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How to use video in an office environment


if your company is looking for a way to improve its recruiting brand and advance the candidate quality, it has to consider the integration of video in the hiring and recruitment processes. People hunting for jobs always search for additional information about a corporation; they need to know everything about working there. Videos provide them wish such information in a very interactive approach.

Video improves job description

The conventional job description is wanting in a way that job seekers only see a record of skills with little or no background information about a company. However, nowadays with the utilization of online videos, recruiters add more personal touch by recording a video which gives more insight into the company, the position, and what kind of applicant they are looking for.

Videos make the interviewing process faster and easier

If recruiters use videos to search for top talent, applicants can also utilize this technology to get a job. As an alternative of the traditional paper resume which lists a candidate’s skills and their background information, job seekers can use video resumes. This kind of resume shows the recruiters another side of the applicant like his persona and communication skills as opposed to paper resumes.

To speed up the process, recruiters can draw on live video interviews or recorded interviews instead of long phone calls with an applicant. For example, a recruiter can place questions, which candidates will respond to in a video. Also, recruiters can use online platforms to carry out live interviews with the interviewee, which as well saves time, effort, and money because everything is done online.

Company Culture

Your organization culture is the livelihood of your brand and business. Talent is magnetized to a great culture, and a healthy culture allows your talents to flourish.

Exceptionally inventive companies recognize use of videos. They add extra effort which is essential to create a wealthy culture they do this within the company so that everyone sees the rationale and value of their work.

Videos can enhance the company culture if messages sent to everyone within and outside your company are understandable and dependable. A few company culture videos to explain what is significant to your organization aids to keep everybody on the same script.

A company video should be an essential part of every corporate culture strategy. It tags along many factors that overlie the existing demands of the digital office.

Company culture videos incorporate everything from values to delicate behaviors, frequently exposed in body language and sensation that cannot put be put across by a two-dimensional paper.


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