Communicating better with in-house videos

If you are already using video for public relations and marketing, you need to revolutionize your approach to embrace internal communications. Today companies are making use of internal video for the same purpose they use in external video to send messages and relate with the target viewers. The difference is the kind of video that is produced. In most instances, external video is used for promotional purposes or concentrates on educating the audience. Internal video as well can be used in a range of other ways also.

Executive messaging

Internal communications plans that keep employees engaged, productive and informed have proven to be a fundamental component of performance enhancement in today’s enterprise. However, studies reveal that some tools for corporate communication such as email and newsletters are on the verge of being edged out.

The video platform creates an easier channel for executives to record video messages that their staff can view and review anytime they wish, or hold live meetings and pronouncements in high definition.

Video is a grand channel for conveying short bits of information and reports, like important activity updates and short news clips. In effect, employees may not watch long videos in their entirety, except if the videos are highly entertaining. A video should be short to uphold the viewers’ interest. If you are delivering a multifaceted message, divide the message into shorter video parts that can be watched in a series, like once a week.

Video and live webcasts have surfaced as compelling alternatives for executive and employee communications in many organizations and studies show that this inclination will continue.

Employee updates

Use of video within the company will aid the employees to absorb important messages and will connect them better than any other method such as newsletters, guides or posters.

It is necessary that everybody understands any updates that are being made and, notably, the reason why. A dialogue-driven video can aid to make a simple breakdown of any changes and updates or new plans. Videos have replaced text documents with just a couple of minute’s films.

When significant changes take place in your organization, a well-presented video can keep all the employees on the same script. For instance, video can be an efficient way of making announcements about company mergers, personnel shifts, rebranding and more.

Video also saves time and funds during staff orientations and technical updates as it permits staff members to learn new company policies at their own time, any place and without help.

Major announcements

Video can be very useful when time effectiveness and commitment are crucial. A short film summarizing a major announcement or annual report within the organization can be a great way to introduce the matter and ensure everyone is updated with recent policies and goals.

Administration video messaging and outlines can do wonders when it comes to employee’s engagement and devotion. If somebody knows you well, they find it easy to converse with you if they forecast a crisis or have a proposal. The idea is people want to be connected with other people, and film is the perfect platform for this.

If there is important information that employees need to know, it is essential that the announcement reaches everyone the same way. This can only be achieved through the use of video announcements.


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