How to Ensure that your Small Business Competes with the Big Brands using Video Marketing

Video marketing is an efficient and reliable way to sensitize your audience about your small business. The video gives you an ideal opportunity to interact with your potential customers enabling them to know you and your business intensively. Through this intensive knowledge, they can feel comfortable with you thus buy your products and services. According to recent research, it is evident that a video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results.

If you have a startup or small business, videos are more reliable that text as a marketing tool. It is also evident that web pages with videos are easily searched on the Web and will receive three times more clicks compared with the pages without the features. To boost customer interaction, you can add videos to your email-marketing campaign. Videos encourage your target audience to open the email and also click on other content in your email marketing campaign.

To make a useful video, you can hire a production company. Also, you may cut costs by using simple software or an online service to make a top quality marketing video by yourself. Here are some tips that are important when you are making video marketing campaign for your small business:

  • Keep your promotional video short to keep the full attention of your audience. The branding and advertising videos should always be short while the rest of the detailed information is conveyed in follow-up videos.
  • For effective results, it is advisable to combine your videos with still images. The still images may include your products, employees, and the location to interest your potential customers and add variety to the video advert.
  • An effective video marketing campaign contains a personal message. The personal message could be a recommendation or a testimonial from one of your existing customers. Also, it can be a message from one of your employees. The message authenticates your video and boosts confidence of the potential customers in your brand.
  • Make your video a bit appealing and entertaining by adding some humor to it.
  • An effective video marketing campaign for your small business should have a call to action. The call to action dictates to the viewer on what they should do after viewing your video. You may add a special offer or coupon to prompt the audience to take immediate action.
  • Always ensure that you have included all your contact details and physical address in your video. These features will enable your potential customers to easily and quickly find you.
  • Make use of all available channels to distribute your video. You may do it on your own or pay some online video services to assist you in broadcasting the video on the many available channels and platforms.

Though it may be time-consuming, you should consider making a video to market your small business. Videos are guaranteed to engage your customers and differentiate your advert from others that are static. Also, videos will help you to have a face and the customers easily trust your brand.


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