Including Video in Email Marketing Campaigns: Is It for You?

No matter what type of email you are sending to your customers, interested parties, or others on your email list, one thing is for sure. You want them to read it and take some type of action. That’s why you are investing in the email campaign in the first place. Considering that, you may see video as a tool to help you to get that engagement. Video has become the most sought after component to marketing campaigns today. Can it work within your email marketing campaign, though?

Not everyone is using video in email yet though sources say about half of marketers are not incorporating it on some level. When video is used within email campaigns, there are some significant outcomes:

  • People spend more time reading the email.
  • There are higher click-through rates associated with emails with video content.
  • They are more likely to be shared or forwarded to other people.

For these reasons then, it seems like video can be the ideal tool to add to any email marketing campaign. However, it isn’t always easy to send video in this manner. The hardest part may seem like the technical part of the process, but in fact, it is ensuring that the content is well done and done in such a way as to ensure you are getting the attention and click-throughs you need.

Why Video Email Market?

First, realize that most marketers believe that, within a few years, video email marketing will be very common. If you embrace it now, you will be ahead of the curve, so to speak. But, there are other reasons why you need to embrace this type of technology.

  1. It saves you time and the reader even more time. Video is a faster way to digest information. That means it can provide the same message (often times a better quality of message) in less time. They get more information.
  2. It makes hard concepts easier to understand. If you are creating content for a B2B market or sharing a new concept to your audience, video makes it easier to understand.
  3. It can also offer benefits to your SEO campaign. That’s because it can lead to more social sharing and it can boost your search engine ranking as well.
  4. It is easy to get your message across. Millennials want more information but they want it in an easy to digest manner. For this reason, you need to communicate your message through video.
  5. They can easily go viral. The video you create can be the one component of your campaign that truly takes off.

When you look at all of these factors, it is clear to see the value that video can offer to you. Email campaigns will likely incorporate video more readily in the future. Why wait to take advantage of this marketing tool?


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