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Using Video for In-Person Advertising

Video marketing is powerful no matter where it is used. You may have heard that it is one of the most vital tools in marketing online. It’s true. Video is changing the way companies are doing business and engaging their customers online. However, it also offer incredible opportunities offline and in-person. Now, you can do more with video as well. If you have yet to launch a marketing campaign and are wondering exactly what steps you need to take are to get started, focus on these aspects first.

Where Can You Use Video Today?

In-person video marketing is expansive with numerous opportunities throughout the day to day lives of individuals. It used to be that video was left for television commercials, which are often too expensive and hard to create for a small business owner. Now, video can be used anywhere. For example, billboards are now more digitally focused than ever. Driving down the highway may allow you to see not just digital ads, but videos playing on those billboards. Because of this new opportunity and medium, it is far more simplistic to reach your audience.

Why Is In-Personal Video Marketing So Important?

The bottom line is simple. Video marketing is far more effective than statistic ads, print ads, or basic content. No matter how you use it, such as an educational seminar or on TVs playing in colleges or businesses, video marketing offers some key advantages over other medium, and those advantages simply cannot be ignored.

  1. It creates higher engagement and retention rates. Because it is grabbing the attention of the watcher, video translates those viewers into people who take action. They see the ad on the billboard because it is a moving picture. They instantly engage with it.
  2. It improves visibility in otherwise limited situations. Your videos are more accessible in digital form than they are anywhere else. And, they reach an entirely different crowd of people. More so, the same videos run on billboards or in other in-person mediums can then be used online, in seminars, and in numerous other formats.
  3. It is more accessible than ever, too. Video no longer requires being under a contract with a marketing agency or working with a commercial developer. It does not mean spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a 30 second shot. It is more accessible for all of today’s businesses.

Most importantly, video gets results. It is more affordable, cutting edge, and diverse than other marketing methods. And, with new technology such as 360 video, it is leading the way for new ways to engage with your customer base. Ultimately, video can provide all businesses with the opportunity to grab the consumer’s attention, especially important in today’s busy and digitally focused world. From TV commercials to video ads, to motion graphics, explainer videos and even corporate, in-house video use, there are many ways you can use this method to create the attention and inspiring content that you need and that your customers and clients want to see.


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