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Instagram Video is Now 60s Long: How Can Your Business Benefit?

Media website Instagram, which has long been known for its ability to share photos and short videos, has a new option for users. Now, videos can be as long as 60 seconds. While this may not seem like a big deal, those who are creating content and ads for small businesses may find that it is one of the most important tools available to them. How can Instagram help your business to expand its reach and achieve more in this new, longer video format?

Why The Change?

Instagram just opened up videos to marketers recently and, at that time, offered just 15 second slots. While that may seem like a very short opportunity, it was the first time the site was offering videos to advertisers. And, in doing so, it may be working to help small and medium sized businesses to expand their reach in one of the fastest growing and most socially used option today. What does this mean to your business?

More Mediums and Followers Available to You

One of the best reasons to use Instagram’s longer video format is quite simply because this is where the viewers are. With the longer format, it is now possible for the site to complete directly with other video sharing sites such as YouTube and Snapchat. It also allows individuals to gain better access to your content that otherwise would not have had the reach. Instagram has about 400 million users active on its site each month. It is expected to grow by 15 percent in 2016 and 2017. The site also very popular among all social media users with nearly 52 percent of all people using social media on the site.

How Can You Take Advantage of It?

Instagram offers a number of fantastic benefits and features. How can you take advantage of this longer format?

  • Create engaging videos that showcase your products or services. Make sure they are young and vibrant, much like the company’s audience.
  • Use the site to compliment and reach new people. You can share your videos on Instagram as well as on other social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Embrace new formats and interesting concepts. For example, 360 video is becoming an important tool. You may wish to use the format as an educational platform to teach people about your products.
  • Instagram’s large following makes it easy for you to see results from other content as well. When they watch your posted video, they can easily click over to your website to make a purchase or to sign up.

The bottom line, though, is that most businesses need to be using Instagram. It is one of the most important tools for today’s companies and consumers because it is easily accessible, simplistic to use, and used by so many people around the globe. This is where your customer and client base is. With longer videos available to you through the platform, you can also use it to accomplish much more for your business than ever before.


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