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Before Kicker: So many stakeholders, so little time.  You need to reach your customers, your partners and your staff. Let’s not ignore addressing public concerns and how your company is perceived.

After Kicker: You’ll feel a sense of relief as your video project, aimed squarely at your goal, is run by an Emmy®-winning video team who was born and raised in oil & gas.

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Marketing videos, process animations, testimonial videos and recruitment videos are cornerstone content in oil and gas marketing.  We understand the challenges you face everyday and have helped hundreds of energy companies with video.  

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We’ve produced hundreds of videos for businesses just like yours nationwide.  

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Product Marketing, Communications

“We’re a research firm, so we researched a lot of different companies, and Kicker’s work stood out for us.  The team is amazing, and it was all easy —  which is great because we didn’t have a lot of time to spend.  A great experience.”

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Marketing Manager


“Working with Kicker was ideal.  From meeting Paul and the team, we knew they had the experience we were looking for.  In the end, the animated video was exactly what we were looking for.  Great creative, and great results.” 

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Marketing Manager


“We were looking for a video vendor that could take our ideas and execute.  The Kicker team is a joy to work with.  Our product video came out beautifully, and we’d gladly work with Kicker again.”


Because we ask questions. We want to fully understand your objectives and why they are important.   Then everything we create for you is laser focused on those objectives.  Simply, we produce explainer videos that help you achieve your business goals. And nobody in this business has the kind of experience (both on the client and strategic side) and has the awards to prove it. And we don’t charge premium fees. We’re a small firm that just gets it. Contact us to discover why.

Absolutely. Just click the Get A Video Estimate button on this page to get started.  If you’re at the discovery stage where you’re searching for a video partner, we’d love to chat and get you information customized just for you so that you can continue your due diligence.  Just reach out!

We’ve made videos in very tight turnarounds.   But plan on 3-6 weeks depending on scope.

Our team has deep experience in budgets of all sizes. So get in touch to discuss what you are looking for and we promise to provide you with a proposal that matches your goals and your budget.    If you don’t quite know what you want and are kicking tires,  that’s OK too!  Book a call with one of our senior producers and we’ll get some some initial information.   It all starts with a free, no-hassle consultation.

Works the same way.  We take the time and care to research and plan each video.  If you’re planning on 3+ videos in a year, we can certainly offer a “loyalty” rate.  Ask us for more details.

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Got Questions?  Need help scoping your project?  Our Team is happy to help you plan your next video project and get a solid estimate and timeline.

Or call us at 888-294-9393.

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Videos for Oil & Gas: A Primer

  • Some ways that videos can help are:

    1. Navigating a regulated environment: Videos can be used to provide accurate and compliant information about a product or service, and can help companies avoid running into any compliance issues by following all relevant laws and guidelines.
    2. Communicating complex information: Videos can be used to provide a visual representation of complex information, which can be an effective way to communicate technical details to industry experts, government regulators, and the general public in an easy-to-understand format.
    3. Addressing public perception: Videos can be used to promote positive messages about a company’s commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. By providing clear information about their efforts in these areas, oil and gas companies can help build support and positive public perception.
    4. Adapting to market changes: Videos can be used to create a library of marketing assets that can be reused and repurposed to address different aspects of the industry. This can help oil and gas companies to be more agile and respond more quickly to changes in demand or prices.
    5. Addressing the transition to cleaner energy: Videos can be used to communicate the company’s efforts and advancements in cleaner energy and sustainability, addressing the growing pressure to transition to cleaner energy and reduce environmental impact.

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