Should you Shoot a Company Video in 4K?

4K videos need a lot of storage space since they are larger than 1080p. A single minute 1080p footage at the standard 30 frames per second needs 130MB. On the other hand, a 4K video at the same frame rate requires 375MB. Thus, if you are using a 16GB phone, it is advisable to turn the video size down. If you use the same frame rate, your 16GB will be filled in 40 minutes. This space is exclusive to other applications, multimedia files, operating systems and other data.

4K resolution is a display device or content that has a horizontal resolution that is on the order of 4,000 pixels. These resolutions are quite popular in the digital cinematography and digital television fields. If you are shooting any movie, the digital cinema initiative (DCI) is the principal 4K standard. This resolution has an approximate aspect ratio of 1.9:1 with 4096 x 2160 pixels. This is the standard that is popular with a majority of the film industry.

The term 4K is traditionally reserved for the cinematic DCI resolution. The 4K standard video resolution produces a fine spatial detail. Moreover, it increases contrast and fineness that has capabilities to output to a Blu-ray and DVD. It has an axiom with popular source hardware that uses the 4K sensors image. A standard resolution of 4096 pixels x 2160 lines for DCI-compliant 4K monitors and digital projectors is known as the native resolution.

Depending on the aspect ratio of the content to be projected, pixels are easily cropped right from the top or the sides. DCI 4k is not compliant to the 16:9 aspect ratio thus it is not a multiple of the 1080p display. These 4K digital films are beneficial because they can be scanned, produced and stored in many other resolutions. These factors depend on the storage aspect ratio that was used to produce the films.

If you wish to acquire an ‘open gate,’ you should use a resolution of 4096 X 3112 in the digital film production chain. Moreover, you may use the same resolution to obtain an adequate anamorphic input material. Therefore, it is apparent that there are many factors that you should put into consideration before shooting your company video in 4K.

A majority of these kinds of videos especially those that are made using smartphones appear to be casual and take up a lot of memory space. Thus, you should in most cases avoid the 4K videos if you intend to use the videos for marketing purposes.


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