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Show Them How The Sausage Is Made

Gone are the days of the adage “no one wants to see how the sausage is really made”.  Today, people most likely want to see what has not been seen before, even though it may be a little scary, gross or even plain hideous. With the internet revolution and the boom of sites like YouTube, people have access to seeing almost anything they want to see, from making a cake to making love. When most information is so easily accessible, you must come up with innovative ideas and show the people what they likely haven’t seen before.


Skin, Chip, Mince – No Thanks!

What the sausage adage actually means is that a lot of people wouldn’t like to see the unpleasant details of the process of skinning a pig, chopping the meat or actually mincing the sausage. While that may be true for most people, including me, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people out there belong to a group that would love to see how it’s done. Moral of the story is that if you put in a lot of hard work into your process, no matter what you do, it wouldn’t at all be a bad idea to let the people see a piece of the action.


The Secret

Most often, in the marketing world especially, it is believed that you should never give out all the tricks of the trade, or the ‘secret sauce’. While this may be true for most people, a number of people confident of their art don’t mind showing it off. If you are possessive about your secret sauce, you might as well keep it a secret.  But you can still create a video that revolves around it and pegs the interest of the audience. Believe the experts – it will only bring you lots of traffic.


Show It Off

A lot of people these days are creating and uploading videos that show off their work.  In most cases, these videos are being received very well and becoming increasingly popular, as long as they’re aesthetically shot and contain some value. You may not be an expert at making sausages, but there must be something you do differently. That is probably the reason why you are still thriving in the business. So share that. You could be a landscape designer and show before and after videos. You could be a web designer, cake decorator, makeup artist, hairstylist or anyone else. Uploading a video of you working hard and producing a spectacular result is sure to grab attention and increase your fan base.



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