Successful Video Marketing for Non-Profits

Studies have shown that video traffic accounts for approximately two-thirds of the total consumer Internet traffic. It is estimated that in 3 years 79 percent of consumer Internet traffic will be taken up by video traffic. When creating campaigns using video marketing for your non-profit organization, you should consider implementing the following step and tips.

Always make sure that the video that you create fits your market effectively. To ensure that your nonprofit video marketing strategy is a success, match your cause with the right audience. For instance, if your objective involves terminal diagnoses, you may contact hospitals and other health operators to set up your base. After you acquire a list of donors, research about their characteristics and similarities to enable you to target similar groups.

Video marketing for nonprofit organizations requires a solid script. The script will allow you to outline all the necessary information about your cause in the video. Before donors commit their money, they always do in-depth research and analysis of the organization. Thus, always make sure that when you are creating your video it should highlight on your goals and targets of your organization. Moreover, a script enables you to relay all the information without omitting any important parts that you unintentionally forget.

Enhance your impact with the use of various film production techniques. As you plan to create your nonprofit organization’s video start with assembling elements that you will need for shooting and editing your video. Then, identify your ideal location, costumes, props, sets, soundtracks, and footage. After gathering all the materials that you need, make sure that your video shooting process is done professionally. A high-quality video will convince donors to assist you easily in your cause.

The video must also incorporate the visuals of people and features related to your cause. For instance, if your cause is about resource conservation, you should incorporate a shot of some water for one scene. These scenes will make your video is appealing and will convince many of the willing donors to support your cause. Video marketing for nonprofits should also be creative to spark the imagination of your audience. Make sure that you have conducted extensive research on your cause.

Your video should be informative about the benefits that will arise through the support of your cause. Giving detailed information in your video will enhance the confidence of your audience, and they will easily support your cause. A professional and informative video is considered appealing by many, and they are ready to support the cause since they deem it to be worthy.

After you have shot and edited your video, the final step for you is to devise methods on how to efficiently distribute the video. One of the most effective distribution channels for your video is the nonprofit program offered by YouTube. This program includes specialized features that are not accessible to other standard users. Some of these characteristics include the clickable donate button and call-to-action overlays. They also support you with promotional strategies and tips to enable your video marketing for the nonprofit organization to succeed.


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