The #1 Key Ingredient to Creating Successful Videos

What are some of the most memorable videos you remember throughout your lifetime? You may be focused specifically on Super Bowl ads. They definitely capture your attention. But, think about the last few Super Bowls. You were sitting around watching the commercials. There were plenty that made you laugh and others that made you wonder what you just saw. But, there may have been a few that caused you to pause.

Here’s a good example. The 84 Lumber commercial done during a Super Bowl didn’t talk about the company’s lumber products. Instead, it pulled up incredible emotion from readers as it showed a mother and child journeying to a better life. It was so powerful it crashed the company’s website. People had to know more.

Why Did This Happen?

The video created emotion. Emotion is not fleeting like comedy. It is not boring like sales content. Rather, it creates a special memory in our minds. You don’t just see it – you feel it. And, remember, at the end of the day, it is people, who have emotion, that have to buy your product. When you create videos that pull in this type of emotion, you are able to capture their minds and their brand loyalty in one simple video.

But How Does That Happen?

Emotion is a complex thing. And, it can be very hard to convey in a video. Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

  • Utilize the affection your customers have for you. Have you ever provided a service or a product that really touched their hearts? Perhaps you saved their home, solved their costly problem, or helped them to really feel good. Find those stories and tell them.
  • Create awe. Speed for cars, for example, is impressive. What would people be in awe about when it comes to your business and product? Find a way to capture that sense of power or “wow”.
  • Let them laugh, but laugh because they agree. The key here is to pull your product in front of people who can really respond to what is happening. They’ve been there. They have experienced just what you are portraying. They feel emotion for being a part of the story.
  • Give them some excitement. Find a way to convey a message of “something really good is going to happen.” This is going to pull them in and give them a real opportunity to stay tuned into your brand long term.

What ways can you add emotion to your next video? How can you create an instance in which your customers or clients – whether B2B or B2C – to make that happen? It may not be as hard as you think. The key here is to find the right type of emotion you wish to convey. Then, you’ll want to pull in the right materials and graphics to make it possible. Working with a professional video production company is going to make that far more possible than you may realize. These are videos you will love as much as they do.


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