The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Video is an effective marketing tool that is now on the rise and creating strong video content is key to establishing a professional image for your company and attracting and sustaining a steady and devoted audience. Your video is a powerful reflection of your brand, therefore investing in developing a creative video is essential because a poorly done video can cause more harm than good. Here are some of the more prominent mistakes seen in video marketing that you should take great caution in avoiding.

  1. Not having a logo for your companyVideo is a perfect way to promote your brand and share it via social media, so you will want to make sure your brand is accurately placed in your video. You can design it yourself or hire a production studio to work on it for you but whatever the cost make sure it connects closely with all other marketing materials and there are no discrepancies that can lead to confusion. Finally make sure the design of your logo/brand reflects your message; use colors and fonts that are pleasing and welcoming to the eye.
  2. Not requesting permission to use music and sound that does not belong to you. Both are essential to creating a particular vibe to your video and keeping audiences engaged, but you need to make sure you sort any legal issues out first. If you don’t, it could result in huge expenses for you later in life. There are sites on the web that offer royalty-free music that you should consider first before making a big mistake you will live to regret.
  3. Not having a plan. It’s all fine and dandy not knowing where your company will be in the next 20 years, but when creating a video you need to establish a goal as to what message you want audiences to take away from it. If you go in without a plan, the video can appear chaotic and non-representative of your company. Ask yourself these questions: Does my video represent my company? Is there enough branding contained in my video? Is the video sexy? Does the video have a clear message?
  4. Making the video way too long. You want to create a video that is short and sweet and to the point. Patience is still a virtue that many people do not have and studies have shown that viewers will tune out within the first 10 seconds. So to keep audiences gripped and intrigued place the most important points at the beginning of your video. This way if they do decide to shut off the video they will leave knowing the essentials of your product/service. So capture their attention and sell, sell, sell within the first 10 seconds of your video and keep it between 60-90 seconds.
  5. Not using a professional to produce your video. Some companies have absolutely no experience in creative videos or they think producing is too expensive and they accept that their video is of a lower quality. With tight budgets and deadlines, it is understandable why companies might do this but it is a huge mistake. Your video can be the face of your company and if it is not professional or polished enough, you will miss out in convincing new visitors to stay and become potential customers.

We certainly understand the market and with our many years of experience, we are here to create an engaging and marketable video for you and your company! Call us today and let’s get started!


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