Top Six Start-up Videos

Distinguishing your video from the rest of the lot is key to a start-up or company video. There are videos out there that have gone viral due to their unique and extravagant or simplistic characteristics. Here are some tips that you will definitely want to follow in order to hit the jackpot of video marketing fame:

  • You will want to focus on creating stunning and entertaining visuals. You don’t want your viewers to ever take their eyes off the screen. There are many different styles you can use from 2D to 3D animation, live action, infographic, live stop motion, and digital stop motion.  Whatever road you go down, make sure to keep it focused and fascinating.
  • The shorter and more concise your video is the better it will be. People have no patience and everything is quick fix these days. Remember this very important point when editing your video and keep it less than 2 minutes. If you can keep it under 30 seconds, short and sweet, all the more intriguing.
  • Keep the video light and funny. Humor always engages an audience and connects them to what they are watching. Not only is humor highly entertaining but it will hook your audience in and keep them coming back for more.
  • Keep the video focused on what your product does and who the target audience is. If you start explaining your company in full, who you’ve worked with, your employees, etc., the audience will lose interest immediately. Stay on track and emphasize the main points like the problem, the solution, and how to contact you.

To get a better idea of these key suggestions in play, here is a list of the top start-up videos currently out on the market. Pay close attention to what separates these videos from the more generic videos:

  1. Jotly:
  • This company started out as a joke that made fun of the ludicrous amount of mobile rating and suggestions apps out on the market. But because it garnered a huge audience overnight, the app Jotly was created a short while after. This video proves that humor can go a long way!
  1. IT-MAN (8 bit):
  • This video is particularly charming and nostalgic because of its very old school vibe, whisking the audience back to their childhoods of playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.
  1. Groupon:
  • What is most impressive about this video is that it explains everything so fluidly in under 30 seconds. This video is a must see for efficiency and clarity.
  1. Nosh:
  • Nosh was co-founded by the very same individual that founded Jotly. This video is very similar to Jotly because of its hilarity and the parody-format.
  1. PadMapper:
  • This video is downright funny, and what beats humor when it comes to entertainment? Well, nothing! Not only is it humorous, but it is fun and engaging, which makes it quite the effective tool.
  1. Pinnatta:
  • This is a great start-up video that uses interactivity to engage audiences. Such an aspect actually shows viewers how to use a particular product or service.

So if you’re ready to see your video on a “top six” list in the very near future, then pick up a phone and call us today! We are ready to get to work and make your video the best on the market!


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