Video ROI: Lights, Camera, Profit

Video ROIWe do this for the returns: the video ROI, the fame, and the ‘job well done’. As such we are sure our clients are doing this new video for a reason. Most likely you are doing some promotion and want to use this video to drive your profit up, possibly through the roof.

You therefore have contacted Kicker, because of our reputation and because you are sure that we can deliver the best video ROI out there. If you have not contacted us and are just reading this blog, consider us for your next video production job, we are great at what we do!

So you may be wondering how does having a video convert into profit. If you have a marketing team I am sure they ran the numbers and did a fancy presentation and which showed how the profit was going, and how increasing the customer spending – whether by new or repeating customers – could affect the company’s profit margin. If you were operating at a lost then they probably inferred that increasing sales could pull the company profits out of the negative zone and give the company a chance to turn a profit.

If you do not have a marketing team the facts are still the same, you want to boost your business and drive profit. Or you could want to stay ahead of your competitors by keeping the clients you have comfortable with their decisions to stay with you. You may want to reaffirm their confidence in your team.

A great way to keep or boost your customer base is to show them what you can do.
  • By doing a video that highlight the strong points and business of your company, you will be able to reach new people who may not have known what the company did before.
  • You are able to introduce new offerings to old customers who may not have known that you have expanded.
  • You can advertise new locations.
  • You can advertise new partners.
  • You may advertise your successes.
  • You can advertise business viability and profit to shareholders.
  • You will keep your business visible in the marketplace.

All these positive benefits of having the video will be lost if the video is not marketed properly. The aim should be to market the video to the target group, which should in turn have the expected effect of driving sales and thus improving profit.


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