Why is Video Marketing so Important?

In today’s digital world, with technological advancements occurring every single day, how is it that video has sustained itself in a world where content marketing has skyrocketed? The answer is simple: People prefer watching videos than reading. Videos are enticing, engaging, and entertaining, and if you want to attract a larger, more prominent audience, then video marketing is the path that you want to be taking.

Here are some reasons why video is so important in the world of marketing:

  1. People adore watching videos. If they had to choose to read a 500-word article of a product review or watch a 60 second video, the video would win out. Video can express content in a much more meaningful way than text ever could. Because of the popularity of videos, the industry is growing exponentially, and it would be foolhardy for companies to ignore this critical trend.
  2. Videos can reach out to potential audiences that regular marketing platforms could never reach.  These platforms include social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Vine and create an integrated strategic approach rather than a one-dimensional approach such a television ads. You can also incorporate your videos into blog posts and newsletter emails; the options are limitless!
  3. Not only are videos more personal and allow for a deeper connection with audiences, but Google will appreciate the extra effort involved in uploading videos to your website and will place preference for websites with videos over static websites. This means that your website could occupy the first spot on a Google search with your set keywords, creating higher traffic rates.
  4. Because we live in a world of quick fixes and instant gratification, videos lend themselves to this type of marketing. Videos can be jam packed with information that is absorbed in a short amount of time. Audiences, now, are hungry for entertainment and information, and the faster they can take it all in the better.
  5. If your competition is using video, then you need to hop on the bandwagon! Every marketing professional in the industry is turning to video and reaching audiences like never before. If you are not advertising on every platform that a video can easily offer you, then you are trailing behind and allowing your competition to blaze a trail.
  6. More and more people are shopping online and leaving behind the stress of going to the mall. Take advantage of this and create an explanatory video of your products and services. This type of video will answer all those burning questions that customers may think but never have answered when shopping online like: How does this work? This will recreate that long lost in-store experience and make your customers feel at ease when purchasing your product.
  7. Finally, remember, that videos will not automatically bring in loads and loads of cash. On the contrary, it can be a slow process but videos will certainly bring in the audience you need to get started and increase site traffic. Just be dedicated and persistent.

If you are ready to join the video marketing club and start seeing results, then don’t hesitate and contact us today!



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